Raising up Leaders

One of our great joys and passions in Malawi is to constantly be looking to raise up the next generation of leaders. One of our values in YWAM is to Champion Young People, and we believe God is ready to equip and use young men and women in powerful ways in His work. In line with this, I was able to run a Leadership Development Track for those in our YWAM community who were wanting to grow in their own leadership. We had a month of intensive teachings and opportunities for those on the track to work together with us as a Base Leadership Team in making and implementing decisions to lead our community forward. We had a lot of fun together and it was also so inspiring to see the passion to grow in the students. Out of this month it has been exciting to have 2 of the students go on to join us on the Base Leadership Team on a permanent basis.

– Sarah x

God’s Heart for Kachere

“My light shines brightest in the darkest places” the Lord put into my heart one morning during our lockdown at YWAM Blantyre. This phrase kept resonating within me for several weeks and I began to ask my fellow YWAMers from the local area ‘what is the darkest place in the Blantyre area?’. The answer that kept coming back was the name of a crazy, congested, chaotic slum settlement called Kachere. Kachere is known as a centre for prostitution, drunkeness and all the social problems that come from life in an overcrowded slum. Together with my friend Gilbert, a Malawian who has been serving with YWAM for several years, we decided to start reaching out into the settlement with a small team. In the weeks we have been in Kachere we have seen God leading us through prophetic words and ‘coincidences’ into ministering to many different people. We have seen physical and emotional healing, salvation, and God encouraging hopeless people with His word. After several weeks of mobile ministry in the settlement people began to ask us to teach them more of God’s Word. We have now begun a regular Bible study with the people where we pray God will reveal even more of His heart for those who attend and all those who live in Kachere. – Tom

Africa Impact Class of 2018… ready to GO!

We have been so encouraged by our wonderful group of staff and students on this year’s Africa Impact Discipleship Training School we have been leading here in Blantyre, Malawi. We never get bored of seeing God take hold of an individual’s life – in all of their brokenness, fear, rejection, weakness and failings – and utterly transform them by His awesome grace and power. And yet we know He never just changes a life for the good of that individual only, but so that He can work through them to bless and reach out to the world around them. This year during lecture phase we have seen God particularly working in the area of fear – stripping away fear of finances, fear of man and fear of the future – and perfecting us, staff and students alike, in His limitless Fatherly love. We saw the Lord use our team in amazing ways during our weekend outreach in a rural village, with hundreds of people receiving salvation, healing and hope as we stepped out in faith. We are excited for what is to come now as our students head out for their outreach phase in a little over a week where they will spend two months travelling to the hopeless and broken ones of Malawi and nearby Zimbabwe – ministering to them in the power of the Holy Spirit and sharing with them the life and joy we have found in Jesus.

Leading a DTS school in this region of the world means that we always need a big breakthrough in finances to see students and staff be able to go out. We know that God is faithful and He will provide – but that He so often uses His people to be the answer He supplies. If you want to partner with us in releasing these missionaries in training please do consider sending us a one off gift here.

The cost for a Malawian to go out for 2 months of ministry on one of our teams is as follows: Zimbabwe Team: US$300 (£230) Malawi Team: US$200 (£155)

Thank you friends we love and value you so much!!!

Home to Visit

IMG_20170815_121318706We’ve been having an amazing time back in the UK enjoying reconnecting with so many people we love and getting to know many new friends as well! We are overwhelmed as always by God’s goodness as He is so present with us during this special time. If you want to catch up with us while we’re back do get in touch! Here’s some of the places we’re going to be in the next weeks-

10th September – Christ Church, Exmouth

24th September – St Edyths, Bristol

1st October – St Andrews, Walsall

8th October – St Aplhege/Y, Whitstable


“Don’t make it so complicated Sarah. All I am inviting you into is relationship with me.”

These were the beautiful words of  revelation Father whispered to me last Thursday during one of our community worship times.

“Don’t make it so complicated”

In all honesty, I didn’t know that I had. I didn’t see how subtly feelings of inadequacy, of servitude and of pressure to perform had been given room to grow in my heart. How quickly I had turned God into boss and allowed these feelings to create a standard by which my daily activity should be judged by. My idea of what a ‘missionary’ should be and should do, had clouded my relationship with the One who had called me. Making it into a relationship where suddenly guilt was present. Where I didn’t feel I was good enough, driven by this constant need to do more and perform right.

And then suddenly the whisper, shattering lies and dispelling guilt. The gentleness of Abba pointing out the complicated mess I’d got myself in and reminding me of the invitation He first gave me.

“All I am inviting you into is relationship with me.”

So simple and yet so profound. The creator of the universe, who hung stars and planets in their place, who made elephants and grasshoppers. Who could not bear to be separated from us, and though it was me who chose that separation, gave it all that He might invite me into relationship with Him.

A relationship characterised by love, grace, joy and peace. That marks an end to striving and performance, and where feelings of inadequacy meet the face of true love.  A relationship that invites intimacy and expects openness. Where the journey of each moment of every day is shared, enjoyed and expressed.

The simple truth that so easily gets embellished, twisted, distorted even. Because the truth of the gospel seems too good, and we feel we don’t deserve it. But it’s us that make it complicated, not Him.

So, a week later, I stand grateful, humbled and loved. So grateful that Abba would point out my mess and lead me back to dance once again with Him.

“I will rejoice in the simple gospel,
I will rejoice in you Lord”
Simple Gospel – United Pursuit.

Love Sarah x

Standing on the Edge

We have had the most amazing two weeks of rest, refreshment and relaxation after a busy six months completing our YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS). And we are now under 12 hours away from starting the adventure we’ve been building up to for many years now.

And I feel completely unprepared.

I mean, we’re packed and we’ve done our DTS. We’ve got all that we need, and yet there is a nagging sense of feeling not ready,uncertain, unprepared.

But as I spent time with God this afternoon, in His infinite goodness, faithfulness and patience, He showed me how He has been preparing us for this moment for a long time. In our childhood, the Father planted in both of us a seed of a heart for the nations, watered in our teenage years through various adventures and then fertilized it when we fell in love  five years ago and saw how Jesus was bringing us together that we might share and walk in a love for the nations to be reached and discipled.  Holy Spirit has taught us, moulded us, shaped us for this moment. And now it has arrived.

Maybe not as unprepared as I might think or feel then.

It blows my mind to think of how this is both a culmination of what’s gone before; the finished product of a season of training and refinement. And also the start of a new chapter which will lead to other new chapters that are yet to be revealed and written. It’s both an end and a beginning.

A moment of significance, a moment of joy, apprehension, reflection, remembrance and expectation. A moment not walked alone. But with the God who has been true and faithful in each and every season, and will continue to be true and faithful in the seasons to come.

And so I feel ready, standing on the edge and ready to jump in head first – not doubting, not fearing, embracing uncertainty and letting His love and strength guide and sustain.

Malawi – we’re ready for you!

Love Sarah x


Life With God

Sarah and I on top of Table Mountain, Cape Town

As we approach the end of the lecture phase of our DTS here in Muizenberg, Cape Town, I’m reflecting on the lessons that Father has been teaching us and the ways He has been speaking to us in this time. Really He has surpassed all our expectations and ideas of what He would do in this time in our hearts. Together we have laughed, cried, prayed, worshipped, struggled, rejoiced and grown. He has been doing a deep work of healing and purifying in our hearts, and has been breaking off the hidden places of shame and fear and unbelief. Father God has spoken to us about our future calling in ministry, but more than that, He has spoken to us again and again about the core calling of our lives – to know Him, to love Him, to obey Him, to enjoy Him all of our days.

A few of our speakers have quoted the Christian writer Skye Jethani, who talks about the five different postures we as Christians can have in relating to God: Life UNDER God, Life OVER God, Life FROM God, Life FOR God or Life WITH God. Skye Jethani says

“life with God is different [to the other postures toward God] because it’s goal is not to use God; it’s goal is God. He ceases to be a device we employ or a commodity we consume. Instead God himself becomes the focus of our desire. But before we can really desire God we must have a clear understanding of who he is and what he is like ” – With: Reimaging the Way you Relate to God, 2011, Jethani

During one of the times of worship at New Wine conference this last summer, I remember offering up a short prayer to the Lord – ‘I will go wherever You want, I will do whatever You want, just give me Jesus’. As we prepare to leave for our DTS Outreach to Nepal in a few days times, and after that head to Malawi to begin our ministry there, we are very aware of the danger of living our lives FOR God, but missing the joy and delight of simply loving Him and being loved as sons and daughters. Our prayer as we enter this next stage of our journey is that all that we do, all that we say, all that we give, all that we pray, would come from that place of intimate communion with the Father. That we wouldn’t serve God to make Him love us, but that we would work with Him knowing that He already loves us beyond comprehension!

Enjoying a Braai with our wonderful Nepal Team
Enjoying a Braai with our wonderful Nepal Team

Our DTS family here in Muizenberg

Exploring the beauty of God's creation
Exploring the beauty of God’s creation